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What would life feel like if you could create what you love to create WITHOUT having a panic attack every time you look at your bank account balance? 


Being a creative person and making good money are NOT mutually exclusive. It IS possible to do what you love and make a living too -- no sleazy sales tactics needed. 

It's just a matter of starting to see the business side of your creative business with a new perspective. 

It's about getting clear on what value you bring to the table, who could benefit from what you have to offer, and figuring out which of those things is sustainable. 

We know you're not in it FOR the money, but, let's be honest, the money is what gives you the SPACE to create what lights you up.

That's where we come in. 

Together we've tried over 30+ different revenue ideas to make money with our creativity. Some didn't work; others worked to the tune of thousands of dollars. In this class, we share every one with you, but, more importantly, we share with you a framework for evaluating your own strengths and business opportunities AND -- what so many often forget -- that you actually ENJOY doing them.  

You'll walk away from this course feeling empowered (not suffocated) when it comes to money; you'll have a list a mile long of ideas to get more money from your creative talents; and you'll have a clear action plan on how to execute those ideas so you can start seeing a lift in your business revenue immediately.




Who are your teachers?

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Hi, I'm Caroline from Made Vibrant.

I started my creative biz Made Vibrant in 2014 and for the first six months I struggled with money BIG TIME. I was stressed, in debt, and anxious about where my next cash influx would come from. That is until I started viewing money as another means of creativity -- a problem that needed unique solutions. Once I flipped my perspective, I was able to see opportunities to make money EVERYWHERE. (Not just empty cash -- a sustained, authentic living doing things I loved.) In 2015, my biz brought in over $100,000 in revenue and it continues to earn me a full-time living. It's not about passive income funnels and tricking people into buying. It's about learning to match your creative talents with the right audience and what lights you up. Now I want to teach others how to flip their own script and make MONEY making the stuff they love to make.

Hi, I'm Jason from JasonDoesStuff.

From 2009 - 2013 I (somehow) convinced over 1,600 companies to pay me to wear their logo on my t-shirt, netting me over $1,000,000. But I didn’t stop there when it came to making money in weird ways! I sold my last name (twice), wrote the first ever fully sponsored book, and most recently sold my FUTURE (for the second time). Those ideas have brought in great money, but more importantly, they’ve reinforced the idea that it's possible to literally make money selling ANYTHING. I’m not a "sell-you-the-dream" kind of salesman; I’m a you-can-make-money-doing-anything-and-let-me-show-you-exactly-how salesman.

Oh yeah... did we mention we live together and love each other? There's that too.


What will you learn in Make Money Making?


​​​​​​​The first step to making more money with your creativity is in understanding what limiting beliefs are holding you back. In this first module we bust some myths and show you how we approach making money -- as its own creative practice.

Now that we know what your ingredients are, this module is all about experimenting with different "recipes" (aka money making ideas) in order to find what works for you and your business.


Next we dive into the "ingredients" that you can use in different combinations to generate revenue. We uncover your gifts, talents and experience to uncover the value that you can offer others in exchange for money.

Once you have several money making ideas, your next question will be: Which one do I focus on? In this crucial module, we talk about how identify the ideas with the greatest potential for financial impact.


Finally, ideas are nothing without execution. We share with you a few of the blueprints we use to execute our ideas and practical steps you can take to act on these new money-making ventures.


What you get with Make Money Making:

→ 5 self-paced video modules

→ 3 total hours of video content

→ Resource Worksheets to immediately apply the content to your own business ideas

→ Bonus Q&A video: hear us answer questions from real business owners

*PS. It's NO RISK!

We're offering an action-taker money-back guarantee. If you try three of the ideas we give you in this workshop with at least 30 days of effort and don't make your money back, we'll refund your ticket!  

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  This masterclass is a rare blend between practical processes AND creative out-of-the-box thinking.

  If you want to feel motivated and empowered to turn your creative ideas into a real difference in your financial situation, this is the right course for you.